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Customize your HUB IT! Choose the configuration you like

HUB IT - Sync & Charge Station - Custom Edition

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Customize your HUB IT according to your charging needs thanks to the special cartridges developed by Eggtronic!
Choose your own modules configuration to charge and connect all your devices!
You can choose up to FOUR connector cartridges among 13 models: Micro-USB, Apple Lightning, Mini-USB, PlayStation DC Jack, Nintendo 3DS and much much more!

Fully integrated customizable high speed Sync and Charge station for up to 7 portable devices.
All-in-one 7 connections USB 3.0 SuperSpeed Hub & Fast Charging station.
HUB IT is also a WIRELESS CHARGER thanks to Qi Wireless Charging Module!
You can charge all compatible devices.

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HUB IT - Base - SENZA CARTUCCE   +49,90 €


3 x USB 3.0/ 2.0 / 1.1 Compatible Ports
4 x USB 3.0 / 2.0 / 1.1 Compatible Slots for Sync & Charge Cartridges
5 x Power Cartridges Expansion Slots

- USB 3.0 SuperSpeed specification Compliant with VL811+ chipset
- Ultra fast charge with Quick Charge 1.0 / Quick Charge 2.0 / Battery charging BC 1.2 standard compliant device fast charge
- 2.5A current for each port
- Auto-Detection upgradable firmware on embedded EEPROM memory
- Plug-and-Play installation
- Hot swappable
- Customization and upgrade
- 20W 4A output power
- smart surge protection on each port for maximum safety
- Qi Wireless Charger for Wireless Charging of the most modern devices